Ningbo Beworth Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of high-quality flat knitting machine. In 50,000 square meter land with 40,000 square meters plant, management, R&D, manufacturing team are senior people in industry. Knowing the way of flat knitting machine. To focus, persistent craftsman spirit, serious and exquisite pursuit of the craft, to create real value for customers. Precision high class CNC and testing equipment, as well as strict quality control system, ensure a reassuring product. Perfect after-sales service guarantee each customer a better experience.

-? Beworth, worthy choice.

This is Beworth - from the clean and elegant factory environment to high standards of assembly line, from high class CNC equipment to advanced testing instruments, from strict quality control to strict process discipline, from the warm living facilities to high-quality team culture, elaborated fresh power of textile machinery and equipment manufacturing.

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